Eva Hejzlarová (nee Koubková)

Eva performed in The Fireflies in 1945. Her recollection was that it was directed by Hanuš Thein. She felt it was a “great success.” and it played “many times” in the “Sokolovna.”

Eva was born in the town of Náchod on September 30, 1928. She experienced the same hardships as others once the Nuremberg laws were in place. She was transported to Terezín in May 1943 and stayed there until the liberation of the camp in May 1945. She was from a mixed-marriage; her mother was Jewish and her father was Catholic. She was spared being sent to an extermination camp because she was from a mixed marriage. Once she was transported to Terezín, she worked in the fields. Her father was sent to Germany to work and her mother worked chipping mica in Hagibor. Then in February 1945, she, too was transported to Terezín.

After the war the family resettled in Na’chod. Eventually Eva married and had two sons. In 2008 she celebrated her 80 birthday in Náchod. Many of her memories are in a book called As Long as I Breathe, I Have Hope.

Koubková, Eva. Memories from Terezín. Archive # A 5763. Interviewed by J. Maleniská in 1973 (?). Terezín Memorial, Terezín, CZ.

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A reconstruction of the children's musical The Fireflies from the Terezín concentration camp