Producing The Fireflies

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Planning costumes for Terezin’s The Fireflies with playwright Lauren B. McConnell (in blue)

Terezín’s The Fireflies is a celebration of the human spirit that honors the talents and efforts of those involved in the original production in Terezín. Terezín’s The Fireflies can be performed with a minimum cast of 13, but can also be expanded out to involve a large number of performers. Depending on the goals of the producer, Terezín’s The Fireflies can be performed with or without a prologue and epilogue that give information on the sobering circumstances surrounding the production in the camp, including the fact that many of those involved were eventually transported to Auschwitz and killed. There are several survivors in the United States, Europe and Israel who either performed in Terezín’s The Fireflies or have memories of it, who could be invited to serve as the narrator and tell their story in post-show discussions, if desired.

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A reconstruction of the children's musical The Fireflies from the Terezín concentration camp